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David Kahn= The Obama of Basketball

June 25, 2010

Change. Easily said, sometimes done, rarely successful. The Minnesota Timberwolves have been the laughing stock of the NBA ever since we traded our franchise player for Al Jefferson and no one else who remains on the Wolves active roster. As elated as I could be once we pushed one GM out the door, I went to bed last night praying to 4 different gods he would return. Last night in Kahn’s 2nd draft as the Wolves GM, he kicked off the night with a B+ pick. Wesley Johnson is a legit three who can fill it up and provides us with a swing that can shoot. A definite need filler here. The problem here lies in the fact that when you win 17 games, you don’t draft on need, you take best available, and expanding on that, you take best available who happens to be another need of yours. Demarcus Cousins. Yeah, yeah, of course you will here questions about his weight or his drive, but let’s be honest how much does character matter in this league. Ron Artest looked pretty good a week ago huh? Cousins is the closest thing to a near lock for a 20/10 guy every night, but don’t get me wrong Wesley will get his and is a guy you can build around. Congrats David, those are the last good things you will hear from me in a long while.
As the case in last years draft, a good start is followed up by the same old, “What is he doing?” “He must be making a trade.” I once asked these questions, and now I just wonder rhetorically. With our 2nd of 5 picks, and 3 in the 1st round, we take yet another 3. Hmmmm, does anybody see a trend building? This time it’s Luke Babbitt, a tweener in every sense of the word. He’s a great shooter but couldn’t guard me, much less a quicker 3 or a stronger 4. As I sit wondering, hoping, Kahn could do something moderately intelligent, I get wind of a trade. As I hear this, I naturally get excited like freshman college student’s orientation day, but the excitement quickly dwindles as it becomes a reality to me. David Kahn pulls no good moves. He trades Babbitt and Ryan Gomes, our last remaining piece of the KG trade besides Big Al to Portland for Martell Webster. Yet another 3. If you can’t see the trend now, stop reading. We trade Gomes’ expiring contract to gain Martell Webster’s 10.6 million dollar contract in a summer where we have cap space to sign a mid level player such as Rudy Gay, who is a proven 3. Trust me, if your sick of this rant, I’m way more sick of it, which is why I will hop off this computer sooner rather than later and forget the T’Wolves exist for 4 years. With our 3rd pick of the 1st round, we take Trevor Booker, you can guess the position. Is this a joke? Jeff Foxworthy, meet David Kahn. Oh wait another trade, we are moving Trevor Booker and his undersized 3 body, to acquire Lazar Hayward who really is a severly undersized 4!!! I praise David Kahn because he broke the streak. But then again how many undersized 4’s do we have? Weird? In the 2nd round we take a big from Budapest or Afghanistan or some place I couldn’t point out on the map. I digress this rant by saying, whichever 65 people who are planning on watching Wolves run their Triangle offense this year, please keep your excitement to yourselves. Until we figure out our Point Guard situation and realize playing Al and Kev together won’t work, you can find me studying or heck even watching Extreme Home Makeover rather than the Kahn led pups.

Zack Marchand