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Dear Brad…let’s get a real Safety this offseason?

June 4, 2010

As most die-hard vikings fan will realize we haven’t had the best secondary in the last few years. Many of the skewed stats descend from the fact no team can run on our big boys up front and are forced to pass. However, let’s be honest, some of it comes from the lack of talent in our last line of defense, the Safety position. Then we brought in Madieu Williams. It is safe to say the media over-played the arrival of Madieu just two years ago. So we take a look at Madieu’s stats and conclude he is a descent safety. In 24 games started (the last two years) Madieu has racked up 116 tackles, 2 INT’s, and 0 forced fumbles. Williams isn’t necessarily a big hitter. So those tackles aren’t bad. About 60 tackles in 12 games averages out to be around 80 tackles per year. With only 2 INT’s over the past two years on a defense that is constantly thrown on (while creating an immense amount of pressure on the opposing QB) those numbers HAVE to be higher). 0 Forced fumbles is also pathetic.
Insert Oshiomogho Atogwe…or O.J. for short. This off-season O.J. has become a free agent and has made comments about coming over to Minnesota. He would fit perfectly in the Vikings system and the transition would be easy because he’s played in a dome for the last 5 seasons (his whole career). Let’s crunch Atogwe’s numbers. The formal Stanford Cardinal has accumulated a total of 159 tackles in the last 2 years in just 28 games. Which (if he stays healthy) averages out to be 90 tackles per year. He’s also intercepted 7 passes and forced a startling 9 fumbles…as a Free Safety. He is a football minded, hard-hitting player who would upgrade most anyone’s defense in the NFL. The Vikings could use him at either Strong or Free safety and Tyrell Johnson out of the lineup. O.J. Atogwe is better than Minnesota’s best Safety so why not pick him up and mix and match another player for the other starting safety spot?
When Tyrell Johnson is actually in the right zone or manned up on his assignment, it’s surprising. He legitimately is more out-of-place than Rasheed Wallace on a hockey rink. Since we went over the other two players’ numbers I suppose we’ll have to go over Tyrell’s. Johnson has 88 tackles in 22 games started. This number gives him 64 tackles on average for a full year of play. He also has 2 INT’s and 0 forced fumbles. Chilly…get him out of the lineup please? He’s lucky there isn’t a stat for big plays given up that were all his fault…it seems as if the vikings have a knack for starting players with the initials “TJ” who have close to zero talent at all (hint…think #7).
To conclude this little rant, please Vikings, go out and get Atogwe…we need help in the secondary and he is a great fit!

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Jamieson Russek